Free Monthly Goal Check-In Sheets

Free Monthly Goal Check-In Sheets

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With so many fresh, talented illustrators saturating the market these days, it’s not enough to be a good artist. You also need to be smart, word hard, and, dare I say, treat your illustration career like a business.  I’ll say that last bit over and over again because it’s absolutely true. 

It is not enough to just make lovely art and hope that the right pair of eyes will land on it.  I won’t lie, part of having an art career is just having the right art at the right time.  That sounds a lot like luck, but it’s not, or at least it’s not what we commonly define as luck. 

The important things, the things that make it seem like luck, are the things that occur between making that beautiful art and signing that big project contract. You know, all the things that are actually hard work but it all happens behind the scenes, so everyone just assumes you’re lucky? Yeah, that. 

All that hard work starts with setting goals and building strategies to reach those goals. 

It continues with a monthly check in and I’ve created a simple, monthly review sheet to help you do that. 

It’s the same sheet I use for my own monthly check in and is a quick run down of how last month went and what you have planned for the month ahead:

  • Celebrate something good from last month

  • Note something from last month that can be improved

  • What did you do last month to word towards your main goal(s) for the year?

  • Most successful/least successful income streams

  • What will you do to work towards your main goal(s) this month?

  • How will you promote your illustration work this month?

  • What steps can you take this month to further your illustration career and grow as an artist?

I’d love to know where you’re at in your art career and what you might be struggling with so I can help. Leave a comment and let me know an area you’re looking for help in. 

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