Build Your Dream Illustration Career

Build Your Dream Illustration Career

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Because of social media, there’s a feeling that every artist around you is basking in the glory of immediate, surprising, overnight success. While that might be true for a rare artist or too, most of us have worked our rears off for years, making mistakes, readjusting goals, discovering what does and doesn’t work for us, and just slowly cobbling together a successful illustration career.

I’ve been working full time as an illustrator for over a decade now and let me tell you, those first five years were just a mess of trying anything and everything that might bring in some money. Without much of plan other than making enough to not starve, I floundered around aimlessly.

Around five years ago, I decided to get my sh*t together, start treating my illustration career like an actual business, set solid goals, and develop on a strategy to achieve them. And guess what? The last five years of my career have been the most successful yet, with financial growth every single year. I even broke six figures last year for the first time and am on track to easily do it again this year.

Obviously, my skills have improved since I first start selling art prints on Etsy way back in 2007, but on top of that, building a plan and staying focused have to be given credit for my success as well. These days I’m all about setting those goals, building strategy, and the sheer joy of making things off my to do list.

Next to illustrating, sharing my knowledge of illustration and business with others is one of the things that makes me happiest. I floundered for years and I love being able to help other artists skip that bit, so I poured all of my tips on building a thriving illustration career into a handy PDF guide for you.

Having goals had a direct impact on my success as an illustrator.  Choosing work that furthered my goals over accepting every single thing that happened to come my way just because I needed the money has led to a happier, more successful illustrator. 

The 45 page Illustration Career Planning Workbook PDF helps you get organized and make that successful illustration career happen. Topics covered include:

  • Choosing a Focus

  • Multiple Streams of Income

  • Finding Clients

  • Finding an Agent

  • Marketing and Promotion

  • Setting Financial Goals

  • Setting Long Term and Short Term Goals

  • Getting Organized and Setting a Schedule

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Overcoming Fear and Comparison

  • and more!

Having a plan is powerful. Whether you’re a new illustrator or a pro in need of a refresh, this workbook will guide you to success.

The information is this workbook is straight from my own experiences. Illustrating for over 10 years, I’ve had ups and downs, made bad decisions and amazing decisions, and worked with a variety of clients across several industries. I’m giving all all that tasty info I wish I’d had a decade ago.

The workbook includes: 45 pages of information and worksheets along with 8 affirmation cards featuring my bird illustrations.

Free Monthly Goal Check-In Sheets

Free Monthly Goal Check-In Sheets

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